An elderly Igorot playing the gong.

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TITLE: “Gangsan Alapo”
ARTIST: Jenine Louisse
ARTWORK MEDIUM: Acrylic on Canvas
SIZE: 20” x 24”
YEAR: 2021
Mankayan, Benguet, Philippines, 2608
PRICE: 14, 400.00

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Our province Mankayan, is known as a copper and gold mining town, but is also rich in culture. It is the home of the Biggest Gong in the Philipines which signifies the town as the source of the best gong in the Country.

My handsome model here is my 85 year old grandfather.  He was a great carpenter and plays the gong well when he was younger. Though he’s not able to hold the gong that tight as he used to. He held it joyfully and posed, for me to take a photo reference. He’s very supportive!
The blue background gives a cool contrast to the warm skintone of my grandpa. The rectangular shapes are like bronze and is aligned to direct the viewers eye to the gong. I also added some crack or lightning effect to suggest impact from the gong being played.

Art for me is a way of communication. It allows people from different cultures and different times to communicate with each other.
I am hopeful to create more piece to promote and help preserve our towns culture.


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