Verify ID, Driving License or Passport

As part of registration as an artist/seller, your personal identification must be verified.  You can do so by submitting a primary ID such as a passport, driving license or any valid, primary government ID.

1. From the dashboard, click SETTINGS >> VERIFICATION


2. Under ID Verification, click START VERIFICATION button.

3. After clicking on the “Start Verification” button this modal will appear. You can upload photos of Passport, National ID, or Driving License.  Select the category and upload the file as necessary.

4. Artists can upload scanned or photographed images by selecting any of the three categories: Passport, National ID or Driving License.  If National ID card is not available, please select the National ID Card and upload any primary IDs listed from this link.  Valid primary IDs

5. Finally, after submission, check your email for “Verification status approved” message indicating that the ID you submitted is approved.  

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