“Kleio” Wall Art

This relief art piece, inspired by the Muse of History, mirrors the gentle flowing echoes of time itself. “Kleio” invites you to appreciate the beauty of history’s intricacies, emphasizing that even in simplicity, the past’s richness remains evident.

  • Relief Art
  • 56x56cm (framed)
  • with CoA


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Signed by artist at the back


Mixed Media

Year Created


56x56cm (framed)

Car Lastimosa

In my art, I seek to strip away the complexities of existence, distilling it to it’s purest form. I aim to create a dialogue between form and feeling, enabling the viewer to find a unique connection with the piece. As you explore my works, I invite you to immerse yourself in both the simplicity and intricacy of the art collections, allowing to stir your thoughts and emotions.

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