Ang Hikay ni Nanay ug Tatay para sa Kasal ni Undo ug Inday

As the new couple are busy
preparing for their wedding celebration, another preparation slowly unfolds at the back of the house. Unaffected by the scorching heat of the sun, the parents of the groom, cooks the food for the wedding celebration. A tradition passed on from generations to generation.


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3ft x 4 ft




Canvas (Stretched)


EMMANUEL IRADEL aka Maningpaolo went back to painting after 15 years of graphic designing and video editing. A graduate of Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines, Cebu College, Maningpaolo’s works are mostly influenced on the scenes of everyday life of his surroundings. He is a also a member of a local art club in Cebu, the Aninaw Art collective.

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