Past Exhibitions

Past exhibitions at the Pahiyas Art Gallery


Pahiyas Noon at Ngayon

Witness how the Pahiyas Festival was celebrated in the past through black and white photographs and how it was developed into one of the most colorful harvest festival in the Philippines.

Old photographs were taken by Ms Lourdes Villenas, some were provided by Ms Sonia Lozano and others were scanned from an old souvenir program by D’ Art Club.

June 12-30, 2022


Pahiyas Art Exhibit

The first ever exhibition held at the Pahiyas Art Gallery, on display are paintings, sculpture and multimedia art by notable and upcoming artists from Lucban and other towns in Quezon.

May 14-30, 2022

Sculpture / Multimedia

Miniature Pahiyas Houses

During the height of the pandemic, Pahiyas Festival was not celebrated.  A group of young and creative minds from Lucban organized a competition of miniature houses decorated with Kiping and other Pahiyas trimmings to keep the celebration alive.

May 14-30, 2022


Rizal Day National Art Fair

Organized by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines and held at the Museo ni Jose Rizal Fort Santiago, in commemoration of the 161st birth anniversary of Philippine national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal.  The Art Club of Lucban participated in the 3-day event with art exhibit, live performances, on the spot sketching and painting contest.

June17-19, 2022

Photography Exhibit runs from  June 17 – July 17, 2022

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