Highness (Lucban Catholic Church)


24in x 36in
Acrylic on canvas


Lucban Church is also known as San Luis Obispo de Tolosa Parish Church or Saint Louis of Toulouse Parish Church. It was built in 1595 under the term of Father Miguel de Talavera. Like most, if not all, of the early churches it was also built using only light materials like wood and nipa. Due to these materials, Father Time, and Mother Nature this “first church” structure fell apart and was destroyed in 1629.
A second church was immediately built of a different location (which is its present-day location). This time, stone and nipa were used to build it. It took almost a decade (from 1630 -1640) for it to be finished. A convent was also built and was finished in 1650. The nipa roof was then upgraded to tiles in 1683 under the supervision of Father Francisco Huerta.
Sadly, fire gutted the church in 1733 but the pious locals under the leadership of Father Pascual Martinez quickly started construction of the third church, the present one, which was completed in 1738. The convent, on the other hand, was completed in 1743. Throughout history, Lucban Church would face more damages done by both man and Mother Nature. It was partially damaged by a bomb during World War 2 and by Typhoon Glenda in July 2014.
Like most of the Spanish colonial churches, Lucban Church is also built using the Baroque style of architecture. It has a three-story facade which features semi-circular windows flanked by Corinthian columns and niches containing statues of saints. Like its facade, it also has a three-story belltower with an octagonal shape.

Dimensions36 × 24 in

Fine Art


Landscape, Places




Canvas (Panel)






Signed by artist on the front

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