Highness (Lucban Catholic Church)


24in x 36in
Acrylic on canvas

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Dimensions36 × 24 in

Fine Art


Landscape, Places




Canvas (Panel)






Signed by artist on the front

Year Created

Ivan Joshua Galleno

Born and raised in Lucban,Quezon Ivan Joshua Galleno started out painting when he was at a young age. Sharing the same compassion with his father when it comes to color and hues, he’s able to compete and presents his work of art during the days. He’s using the charcoal and oil pastels as one of the medium for his masterpiece. He can also do Fresco secco paintings which means wall painting technique or mural painting. Ivan has been a member of one of the well-known and finest artist organization in their hometown and has been submitting some of his masterpiece for the art gallery. His passion to arts makes him somehow earn for his living. Aside from which, Ivan also rooted from a musically inclined family famously known as Babat Orchestra way back then. He also became a band instructor at Sacred Heart College in Lucena City and Don Bosco Academy for quite a year and one of the main vocals of their band known as Herbal Groove for almost 5 years and counting, in which they already produced original songs one of which is Lucban, Bayan ko. He has a background in Agricultural Technology and Culinary Arts. Moreover, he’s engaged in this so-called Lucban Historical Society who delves deeper into every part of his town’s historical places. His interest and compassion to arts, music and history gave him the opportunity to develop his skills and ability towards achieving his goal and developing his knowledge as to what is his purpose as a human.

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