Calle Andres Serapion de Villaseñor 1830


16 x 12in
Acrylic on canvas


Ivan Joshua Galleno SKU: ivan-galleno_Calle-Andres-Serapion-de-Villasenor_16x12 Category:

In 1792, during the administration of Gobernadorsilyo Isidro Francisco de Leon, the “Malaking Bangbang was constructed to supply water and serves as canal system to the town of Lucban. This canal was made of “adobe” stone.

In 1877, during the administration of Kapitan Blas Naῆagas, the “Malaking Bangbang” was onced again re-designed by putting canals in-front of every houses in Lucban, coming from the main larger canal (Malaking-Bangbang). Because of the water that was supplied by the canal was clean and clear, this small canals serve as laundry areas and sometimes play area for the kids while taking a bath.

Until today, this “Malaking Bangbang” serves as attraction not only for the townsfolk of Lucban, but for all tourists and non-Lucbanins that came and visits Lucban.


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